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About Imagine Letters

The first photo of letter in the "Imagine Letters" collection was created in the early '90 by professional photographer Neeva Kedem, during one of her photo tours. She loved to take pictures of buildings and architecture, where most of the letters were hidden, waiting to be discovered. The letters simply popped up from the buildings, designs, streets, trees; anywhere she looked, she could see letter's shapes. During the next 20 years Neeva had photograph more and more photos of letters; some in her home country Canada and some in other countries. It was obvious that one day she will use these photos of letters to create an inspiring business. It was only a question of time.

Today, the Idea of using photos of objects to spell out a word of inspiration became a successful business that run through USA, Canada and Europe. As a consumer, you are welcome to purchase our great alphabet prints and canvases for yourself or as a great unique gift. If you are a retailer or a distributer of gifts and wall art, you are welcome to look at our beneficial resellers program in the next link:
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Create your own Name Art with our Alphabet Photos!
Our Alphabet Letters Art Photography Prints are a great Wall Art or Unique Gift Idea for any occasion: Holidays, Birthdays, Weddings and more.

You can make your own name or word with a Personalized alphabet letter Prints option or select a ready made inspirational word such as "LOVE" and "FAMILY". Alphabet Prints make a great Wall Art that matches any decoration, home wall, office, or children's room. We carry a great selection of Alphabet Letters Prints from New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles and Toronto, plus a special colorful Alphabet Prints for kids, which are amazing for children room's decoration.

The Making of Imagine Letters:



Neeva Kedem, the art photographer behind Imagine Letters, tells her story:

For me, The Imagine Letters project is a unique, beautiful expression of a written communication between people. Using letter photos as an alphabet photography wall art is an original Idea for both unique home decor and a wonderful gift Idea. 

I started to notice how different objects looks like letters sometime in the '90, during my work as a professional photographer. The letters were popping out of almost anything: buildings, nature, even the kids playground! I started to take pictures of letters, creating my very first letters collection.

In the last 20 years, I took many more alphabet photos, separated by different collections. I usually go by cities; started with my favourite city New York, followed by Paris, London, Prague, Los Angeles and of course, my home city and also a big favourite – Toronto. There were times when this is all I did: hunting for letters! Most times it was not an easy task; it's not just about seeing the letters with your eyes. In order to take a good picture of what looks like a letter you should have the right lens that allows you to capture it well, especially from a distance. I had to make sure that every letter is sharp and clear, but at the same time that it's still looking like its original thing (whatever that is). Many times I had to wait for the perfect lighting, coming back again and again to the same spot. Some letters looked best in a sunny day; some looked better when the sun was hiding behind the clouds, when there were no shadows around. And of course, I had to travel a lot in order to get the most beautiful letter pictures from around the globe!

In my Imagine Letters blog, you will be able to read more about my letters hunting adventures around the world.

What is so special to me about Imagine Letters, is their beauty and uniqueness. I mean, you can find letters in almost anything – even in the kitchen sink :-) but traveling the world got me into a very special letters that people are truly enjoy looking at. Elegant ancient English architecture, French decor, New York City symbols, Hollywood stars – every letter tells a story! The huge effort I made came into fruition with all those wonderful letter pictures that people just love!

These days we at Imagine Letters are busy with creating more and more beautiful words and names for people around the world. Customers send us their Imagine Letters picture where they show us how they used it in their home, Office or studio. For many people it was the best Christmas gift they ever gave or received. I get emails every day from people who are in love with the letters! One woman wrote me that she has her last name with Paris letters in her living room, and every time she has an argument with her husband she simply look at the picture and remembers their honeymoon – which took place in Paris. This reminds her of how much she loves her husband and how wonderful he can be... and all that thanks to those amazing letters!

People are using Imagine Letters to convey messages of love, friendship and joy. The word FAMILY reminds people what's really important in life, especially when using the Imagine Letters to spell the family's last name. Kids love to see their own name in their room – the Imagine Letters works great with their young imagination, helping them learn the alphabet in such a fun way!

One of the best things about Imagine Letters is that this is what we call a 'forever gift', which means that most people hang it on the wall and it stay their forever (kind of...). You don't put it in the drawer and forget about it, like most gifts. It's a constant memory to the person who gave it to you, to the place that inspires you, to someone you love. And it's always there, sometimes for a lifetime. All that while enhancing your walls with the beauty of New York, Paris, Rome, London, LA, Prague, Toronto and more! I guess this is what I love most about Imagine Letters; this is the source of my passion to keep going, hunt for a new letters in new places!

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