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Dear customers,

Please read before ordering:
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Our frames are designed for the prints you purchased. 
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* Each voucher is good for up to 8 letters, 4" x 6".

* Free LOVE word: if your voucher is eligible to the FREE LOVE word, You may add another 4 letters that spell out the word LOVE. If you don't, The word LOVE will be added automatically to the order.

The letters are printed separately on a high quality photo paper.
If you have more then one voucher, you may add to the basket letters according to the number of vouchers (e.g 1=8, 2=16), you will have the option to enter your voucher codes at checkout. If you choose a word, simply count the number of letters in that word. (e.g - the word "LOVE" count as 4 letters).

You may redeem all vouchers at the same order.