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We get many emails every day with some great testimonials about our letter photos, our excellent customer service and the quick shipping! We would like to share some of these testimonials here with you:
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I got my letters today and they are awesome! Thank you so much!

Marina B
Chicago, IL

Gave the letters as a gift to my sister – she LOVED them! What an original gift!

Geneva K.
San Diego, CA

We have our last name with Paris letters in our living room. Every time I have an argument with my husband I look at it - we had our honeymoon in Paris - Your wonderful letters reminds me of how much I love him and how great he can be - you couldn't find a happier customer!!!

Gina F.
El Paso, Texas

Used your beautiful wedding cards for my special day, with the word LOVE. The guests loved it and each took one card home. It was the best souvenir we could think of. Thank you!

Juliana A.
Toronto, Canada

Our Christmas decoration could not be perfect without your FAMILY letters! It gave a warm feeling and made the Holiday even more exciting.

Lauren V.
Dallas, Texas

I am a full-time single mom who escaped an abusive husband when my youngest daughter was only one month old.  We have since moved several times, and I do not own attractive furniture or home decorations.  However, I have always made a point of having my daughters’ pictures made regularly, and the walls of our home are covered in them.  Recently, your Imagine Letters have been a lovely addition to our other photographs.

Connie S.

Just got our last name as a gift from my hubby; it's our 25th anniversary! So romantic!

Sharon G.
High Point, North Carolina

LOVE LOVE LOVE your letters!!!

Jannet W.
El Cajon, CA

The letters were a big hit, Thank you again! Have a safe and Happy New Year!!!

Linda S.
Erie, Pennsylvania

Thank you very much for the expedited shipping; everything arrived yesterday and it looks wonderful!

Lydie F.
Kingston, ON

Thank you guys! My prints/frames arrived today—such speed, like lightning! And it looks so good!

Jewel G.
Athens, GA

Thank you for attention and quick response.  I am so happy.The frame arrived today and it is perfect.  I have already put the letter photos in.  It will make a spectacular birthday present. 

Carla M.
Franklin, MA.

Thanks! You're the best!! Have a great holiday!!!

Linda K.
Richardson, Texas

Thanks very much!  I'm sure that I will be ordering from your company again, sometime in the future. I will also send your information to all my friends!  
Thanks very much for your help and emails.

Jenny M.
Everett, Washington

I gave my kids your letters as gifts: each kid's name in a frame. They loved it so much! I hope this gift will stay with them forever, and will always be a reinder of me in their life long after they will leave home.

Ruth P.
San Jose, CA

 I just spoke to my sister and she received the letters today! She said it's the most beautiful gift she ever got! I'm so happy about it!

Sarah O.
Miami, Florida

Thank YOU, Ron, I appreciate your customer professionalism.

Jim R.
Burbank, CA

Thanks so much!! Amazing letters!!

Natalie C.
Toronto, ON.

I received the letters today. And they work. Thank you very much 

Tanya M.
Victor, NY

I received the letters today!  THANK YOU SO MUCH for re-sending.  I appreciate it very much!

Paula T.
Austin, TX

Thanks again and again - the photos look amazing! 

Margaret W.
Vermont, NY


These are awesome gift ideas!

Karen M.
Vancouver, Canada

Thanks for the fast reply and great customer service.

Imo A.
Denver, Colorado

I just wanted to say how impressed 
I am with your website and Wagjag
offer. I have bought 3 Wagjag coupons for
Xmas presents and yours is the only one
I haven't had any trouble using. Thanks 
for a great deal and easy transaction. I 
really appreciate it.

Patty K.
Saskatoon, Canada

Thank you, very excited for this product!

Mel J.
Boston, MA

Awesome!! Thank you again! My family loved the letters so much!!

Linda M.
Quincy, Ma

I greatly appreciate it! My friend is going to love her present!

Greta B.
Toronto, ON

I just wanted to let you know that I received the prints today and absolutely LOVE them!  Thank you for the great quality and speedy service.  I can’t wait to show them to my family and friends.

Marisa Q,.
New York, NY

I received the letters today.  Thanks so much. I love them!

Shauna V.
Boca Raton, FL

You were of great help! I needed a unique gift Idea and this was the best! Such a beautiful letters - they are really the most beautiful in the market!

Vivian D.
London, ON, Canada

Thank you very much for your prompt action and reply.  
It's very appreciated and fantastic customer service.  
Enjoy your day

Rasa K.
Atlantic city

Thanks very much... I received the letters today and love them...thanks for everything!

John M.
Peoria, AZ


Awesome,  thanks so much! 

Renee E.
New York, NY

Your alphabet photography is very impressive.

George M.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Thanks for a quick delivery! You're the best!! Have a great holiday!!!

Linda A.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Thanks very much!  I'm sure that I will be ordering from your company again in the future.  Thanks very much for your help with my order. "Merry Christmas!"

Jenny M.
LA, California

I love your product! 

Ruth S.
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

Big thank you, dear Imagine Letters team, for such a quick delivery for my mom's birthday! You made her day!

Stephanie R.
Portland, Oregon

Hi Ron… I received the letters today!  THANK YOU SO MUCH! I appreciate it very much!

Paula T.
Austin, Texas

I made my kids names and hang it in their rooms – what a beautiful surprise! They loved it so much! Thank you for creating such a beautiful art letters for kids.

Mary H.
Baltimore, Maryland

Got it today and looks amazing, thanks a lot.

Vanessa R.
Denver, Colorado

Your Imagine Letters are a true work of art.

Cathy P.
Clearwater, FL

Great gift, great Idea.

Janet N.
San Jose, California

Awesome!! Thank you again! Have a nice holiday!!

Linda W.
New York, NY

The best Christmas gift for the entire office and friends! I got about 25 names and everyone were so happy with it! Strongly recommended!

David C.
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Hello Imagine Letters team, thank you for the art letters you sent us, it's such a nice Idea. We now have our last name on the fire place in a wooden frame, and it makes a beautiful decoration.

Frances and John F.
Vancouver, Canada

Excellent customer service, beautiful letters. I will recommend to all my friends.

Mark L.
London, UK

I'd like to thank you for the great help with ordering your truly lovely pictures of letters.

Dorothy K. Boston,

As a New York fan, I found your New York alphabet photography very inspiring.

John W.
Chicago, Illinois

Never seen such an amazing Idea before – and not only the Idea but the way your photos are so artistic and really looks like letters so you can't go wrong.

Olivia H.
cleveland, Ohio

LOVED the Paris letters collection.

Lauren H.
Calgary, Canada

Have all your Hollywood stars collection with my name. So nice.

Joy E.
Flint, Michigan

Imagine letters – beautiful letters. Thank you and have a happy holidays.

Suzy P.
Lowell, MA

Your letters are really the most beautiful in the market – especially the Paris collection which reminds me of my honey moon :-)

Carol M.
Cambridge, Massachusetts

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